Social Media – Future for the Travel Industry

Social Media is the future for the travel industry. The latest finding from Eye for Travel claims “79% of travel industry executives view social media as a long-term part of the online marketing mix.”

If you are in the travel industry, here are some tips for you:

• Online Photos— As people say “Pictures speak louder than words.” Hotels, condos and resorts could have an account with a photo sharing site and encourage guests to upload their own pictures and write their reviews.

• Blogs—Blogs or web boards are a great way for businesses to communicate with their audience.

• Online Videos— Online video is a great advertising piece for hotels and resorts to publish a story about their hotels/resorts. Given that Google just introduced video sitemaps, it also a good idea to create sitemaps for your videos to make sure they’re searchable on Google Video or YouTube.

• Custom Google Maps— Creating a custom Google map for a special location is a way to promote your region or city. A custom Google map could provide guests with a visual map of lodging, nearby attractions, shopping centers, restaurants, and other areas of interest.

• Twitter Updates—Twitter can be a way to update people of current promotions. Additionally, it is a way to promote events going on in the area. If this strategy is implemented, you should use caution regarding the frequency of updates and quality of the content.

Contributed by: Thanika Smavatkul, Milestone Internet Marketing

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A very good short story about online content. I hope the good enough content also speaks very good in the marketing.

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I agree. All the impressive tips and hints have been caged in this specific and short written post. Your content is key to your success. This plays an important role when it comes to marketing, and specially the online marketing.

Content should be specific, impressive and unique.



sure, social media can help the travel industry greatly.

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With China’s leisure travel market growing at the same time as its online usership grows, it’s no surprise that a number of players are looking to capture the attention of travel consumers through social media.

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